A Creative’s Approach To Nailing An Interview

Most job-seeking candidates tend to stress out about what to say to the infamous “tell me about yourself” question. Don’t fret about it, because interviews go both ways; just as you are being evaluated, you’re doing the same with the company. In short, you’re interviewing the hiring manager, too. As long as you’re confident you’ve prepped enough, it should go smoothly! Now let’s get into the tips and tricks on approaching an interview.

Do Your Homework

Research all you can about the company before you even think about sending in your resume. A few Google or Linkedin searches can help with checking authentic reviews and disclose more about the role you’re planning to apply for. If you know a friend in the same industry, ask around to learn about the company’s history and what they have done recently. Honest reviews of a company and its management can determine whether it’s a good fit for you, so be sure to do your homework.

Prepare Before Your Interview

This is one task you don’t want to cut corners with! Do you have copies of your resumes on hand? Is the outfit you’re planning to wear clean and wrinkle-free? If your interview is going to be online, check that your Internet connection is stable, you’re seated comfortably in a bright and clean area, and use a noise-cancelling microphone if you have one. It doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared as opposed to being a nervous, under-prepared wreck.

Practice What You’re Going To Say

You might want to talk about your accomplishments, why you’re moving on from your previous role, why you are between jobs or the reason you want to join them. Depending on your current situation, you can delve into the specifics if you want to. You’re there to let them get to know you a little better. Bear in mind that if you keep things too general, interviewers can’t tell you apart from the rest.

First Impressions Matter

You know the drill, like how important it is to show up on time, dress professionally for the interview – believe it or not, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed! Plan ahead for the time it will take you to arrive at the scheduled interview place, and add about 30 minutes of leeway for any  It’s equally important for your interviewer to put in an equal amount of effort that you have. You can tell a lot about the environment of a workplace from the way the interviewer presents themselves.

Be Honest And Upfront

Employers aren’t the only ones who get to grill candidates during an interview. It’s important for you to be honest and tell them what you’re looking for from them, too. Do they expect you to work long hours daily even though you’ve mentioned you have a baby at home? What is the workplace culture like? How does their company handle workplace efficiency? Weigh your options carefully before deciding on whether the job is the right fit for you.

Stay Calm Under The Spotlight

Allow yourself some steam for when the hiring manager throws some curveball questions at you. It’s absolutely normal to get nervous, just be patient with yourself. It’s totally fine to ask them questions to get a clearer view of what they want to know from you. You can prepare yourself for all sorts of questions, but there will always be answers that elude you. In this scenario, it’s less about giving them the right answer, and more about your thought process while solving problems.

Do Follow Up

Try not to ask the interviewer about how you did directly at the end of the interview, though! You’ll want to give them some time to think about whether you’d be a good fit for their team. After an appropriate time, send them an email thanking them for their time, and ask about your interview status.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Remember that you’re human, and there is no such thing as perfection. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you failed at an interview! Lastly, don’t put all your eggs into one basket, especially if you get rejected – there are plenty of jobs out there for you, even if the situation doesn’t look like that now. Keep your hopes up and don’t stop looking for the right one. We at Designs.net wish you the best of luck with your job hunt!